My name is Carolyn Milne and I am an Accredited Dog Trainer with the IAABC (International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants.) I have been around dogs since I was six years old when my family adopted our first dog, Fred. As an adult, I spent many years working in music, accompanying choirs and musical theatre, teaching music and raising a family. When my husband, Randy, became ill with a brain tumour and suffered a stroke and arterial bleed in 2014, I found myself needing to work in a different field. Life as a musician involves a lot of travel and late nights, but Randy needed care and help at home. I needed to start a home business. I began running a dog boarding service through Rover, and found I really enjoyed looking after dogs! I have been operating the Biscuit and Bacon Bed and Breakfast for five years. Originally offering only overnight boarding, I later expanded into daycare, and training programs. I have a certificate in Dog Training from ICCS (International College of Canine Studies) and a certificate in Dog Behaviour Consulting. I volunteer on the Behaviour Team at Greater Edmonton Animal Rescue Society (GEARS) and have experience working with dogs who need everything from basic training to more complex desensitization and counter-conditioning. 

I continually seek to upgrade my education in dog training and behaviour to ensure I teach the most current, scientifically based, force-free, positive reinforcement methods.

All of my training and behaviour modification methods are positive and force-free.  I am a member of the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants, the Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers, The Alberta Force Free Alliance, and am Certified in Pet First Aid.

I do not support the use of choke chain, prong, or shock collars or aversive methods in any training situation.

My education is listed below:

Canine Freestyle at Karen Pryor Academy

Dog Sports Essentials at Karen Pryor Academy

*Scent for Six at The School of Canine Science

Victoria Stilwell Dog Behaviour Conference, April 16 – 18, 2021

  • Taking the Use of Music and Sound to the Next Level, Joshua Leeds; Victoria Stilwell
  • Working With Your Pet Chainsaw, Michael Shikashio
  • Helping the Over-Aroused Dog, Irith Bloom
  • Science Talk, Puppy Edition, Lisa Radosta
  • Creating A Support Bubble for Adolescent Dogs, Sarah Fisher
  • Home alone; Separation Without Anxiety, Lisa Waggoner
  • Following the Dog into a World of Smell, Alexandra Horowitz

Puppy Start Right for Instructors Course at Karen Pryor Academy

Canine Behaviour Certificate, from ICCS at E-Training For Dogs

Behavioural Plans for Reactive Dogs at The Missing Peace

Fear Free Pet Dog Symposium at San Fransisco SPCA, Feb 20, 2021

Sirius Dog Trainer Academy at Dunbar Academy, Dr. Ian Dunbar

Growl Class, A Workshop for Reactive Dogs at Dunbar Academy, Dr. Ian Dunbar

Aggression in Dogs webinar at Aggressive Dog with Michael Shikashio

Threat to Challenge: Get Super Better With Your Reactive Dog at Janet Finlay – Canine Confidence

Noise Sensitivity, Separation Anxiety at Separation Anxiety Dog

Fundamentals of TAG Teach at TAG Teaching

Scenting and Tracking at UK Sniffer Dogs

Dog Training Certificate from ICCS at E-Training For Dogs

Working through Reactivity Using Ttouch at Tellington TTouch Canada

*indicates courses I am currently enrolled in